Our Team

Brock Lindsay

Role on the team: Winemaker, Co-owner with Erica, Larry’s dad.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Why the wine industry?: I spent 6 months in Italy during college and got to spend time with winemakers. I wasnโ€™t in college for wine making (Iโ€™m a Civil Engineer) but that was the start of the inspiration.

Contact: [email protected]

Erica Lindsay

Role on the team: Co-owner with Brock and in charge of Marketing for the business.

Hometown: Sammamish, WA

Why the wine industry?: We’ve always loved wine and have enjoyed wine tasting throughout the Chelan Valley over the years. We’ve also enjoyed getting to know many of the owners and winemakers. We had always dreamed of starting our own winery but thought if it happened, it would be later in life. When we lost our place in the Carleton Complex fire just two weeks after our first daughter was born, we took it as a sign that we needed to make our dream a reality, and here we are, making our dream come true.

Contact: [email protected]

Lauren Johnson

Role on the team: Wine Club Manager.

Hometown: Snohomish, WA

Why the wine industry?: My wine journey began when I met my fiancรฉ, Devon – before him I only drank oaked Chardonnay because that is what my mom enjoyed when I was young! Slowly, but surely, he introduced me to all that the wine industry has to offer; he was even the first to bring me a Succession wine (2013 Merlot โ€“ yummy!) I loved it so much that I made it a point to visit the tasting room the next time I came to visit Manson. Fast forward a couple weeks, the opportunity arose to join the Succession team and I moved from Snohomish to Manson a week later (thanks Christina!) And now I drink more than oaked Chardonnay ๐Ÿ˜‰

Contact: [email protected]