Our Story

How Our Journey Began

In 2014, we experienced two major life events: we welcomed our first child into this world, and not two weeks later, we lost our home to the Carlton Complex wildfires. Experiences such as these cause great reflection and a renewed focus on what is most important in life. For us, family needed to come first. As we prepared to welcome a second daughter, the love for our growing family, a desire to live a more balanced life, and a passion for great wine led us back to North Central Washington and Succession Wines was established.

Why “Succession”?

In simplest terms, succession is the order of things. Ecological succession is the term used to describe the process of change in an ecological community over time, often a response to a natural disturbance such as a fire. Before Brock was studying the traditional art of wine making, he built bridges. The order of things was critical to his former profession. Same is true of the wine making process.

Together with our daughters, we are building a new life, a new legacy, a new succession. We are creating our history and invite you join us on our journey. As you sip, smile, and share your story, we hope you’ll think about the progression of your life and all of the adventures to come. Cheers to living the life you love!


Brock & Erica Lindsay